**It was a pleasure to watch Shriya for the past 3 hours, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her!Starting from Pushpanjali to Tillana, she showed her mastery over this beautiful art form. She  was so much full of energy, like a little power ball & danced with so much ease & grace. The 40 mins Varnam was outstanding & I loved her abhinaya in the folkish number “Vishamakaara Kannan”. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady so full of talent!
– Veena Gowda

**What a wonderful arangetram.. It was not an easy Margam and she delivered ! You must be sooo proud. I see a great future ahead for her.
– Ranjani Saigal

**Had I waited to tell all this in person – I would have been hogging up way too much time, especially when there were so many well wishers who wished to convey similar sentiments. So, I decided, I would send you something in writing……………Shriya – she was poetry and music in motion. From the moment she entered the stage with her bells on, she literally glided on the stage so effortlessly. I could tell that she had observed Sridevi quite in depth – credit to the teacher and student. Both are truly blessed to have found each other. Shriya’s performance exuded such confidence – very amazing to find that in a person so young. There are not enough superlatives to describe what I witnessed yesterday. The selection of the music transported me into a different world. It was just last week I was explaining to someone how the music was an integral part of Bharathanatyam, and yesterday, Shriya demonstrated that the two elements were inseparable!!!
– Mallika Narayanan

**We haven’t stopped talking about Shriya’s superlative performance! What footwork! What facial expressions! We are still wondering how a young girl like her can emote the feelings of a mature woman! It is evident that there is in her a harmonious marriage of talent, passion, dedication and hard work.
– Lata & Vasanth

**It was such a pleasure watching Shriya dance yesterday. The music was awesome and the laya was just so wonderful. We loved ever bit of it. My daughter has been asking me to start dance lessons for her. So you know how many hearts you have touched.
– Padma Sundareshan & family

**It was really delightful to watch Shriya’s Arangetram on YouTube. She performed so well and it is obvious she has taken her Bharathnatyam very seriously and has put in so much of practice and dedication. She sure has a very bright future.
– Dr. T.S.Prahlad

**Thank you very much for making us part of the event. Shriya is an absolutely fantastic dancer. She was looking like a Goddess on stage. Sanvi loved the entire program. She was cheerfully clapping and encouraging Shriya the entire event.
– Kalpana Kuncham

**I thoroughly enjoyed the program. Shriya, you are an amazing dancer. Best wishes to you for a bright future in this field.
– Mahalakshmi Padmanabhan

**I enjoyed watching the solo dance performance of Shriya yesterday. Her facial expressions, grace and confidence displayed on the stage is praiseworthy. I wish her all the best in her continued efforts to excel in the art of Bharathanatyam!
– Raman Ramamurthy